Madrid Portfolio Night: Hey! That's My Ad

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Iberia, Madrid, Spain
Creative Directors: Chacho Puebla, Francisco Cassis, Sergio Lobo
Copywriter: Cova Díaz
Art Director: Emilia Bertola
Digital Creative: Fred Bosch
Programming: Victor Moreno


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Guest does not lead to this campaign. wtf?

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Guest ( are only the translation for understanding purpose).

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Bold. And probably very funny :)


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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what's ironic is that once you're hired, the CD takes your work and calls it his own.

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Ooohh! SNAP! so true. so true : )

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Great idea! Would be great to see a video of the CDs during that moment of realization.

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Here's the link: (it's in Spanish)
I don't remember how I came across with this video, but I love the whole thing! (The idea, the event, the reaction of CDs, eheh).

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yes, bold & working & interesting.

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Sorry, but exactly the same was done in belgium more than one year leo burnett Bruxelles(27 october 2009). Strange? No?

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It's nice, but not original.

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Well yes we have all done this ( only once allowed) at some time to expand our portfolio when we feel insecure -hopefully not for long before we ad our own stamp. Assistant photographers do this also. I had someone show up with Michael Josephs Beggars Banquet photo!
Vincent McEvoy London

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