MAD school: The world's smallest Open House

Presenting the world’s smallest open house by MAD school (Chatsworth Mediart Academy). Another Dimension: Simply put, it’s where you discover far more interesting things. Viewed through the right lens, another dimension appears. Very much like what MAD does. Short for Marketing Advertising and Design, our integrated diploma is the only one in Asia that adds another dimension to your view on creativity and strategic thinking. Meaning you won’t see things the way you used to. Heck, you won’t see things the way others do. That’s why our student work win awards like D&AD and Crowbar. Enter Another Dimension--A quirky digital projection mapping showcase of our award-winning student work, which takes place indoor but visible outdoor to Clarke Quay--why deal with confines when there’s another dimension? Another perk includes instant fame as your face shot becomes a part of our digital projection mapping showcase. All because we’re MAD.

Advertising Agency: MAD school, Singapore
Executive Creative Director / Copywriter: Kim Lee
Art Director: Liang Anyi
Producer: Angie Dang

March 2013

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