M6 mobile: #wouldn't it rock if

M6 Mobile is one of the mobile leaders for teenagers in France. In 2012, they launched a campaign depicting the younger generation being able to change their world into a better, funnier and more entertaining place, thanks to their mobile carrier.

Challenge: How to promote this message on the web and really connect with their communities ?
Idea: Wouldn't it be cool if we just make their world better for real ? With Instagram, users take a photo of everything they find boring, ugly, sad, uncool, and propose how you would change it, improve it or enhance it. Then, they share it with the world using the hashtag #wouldn't it rock if. If the post becomes popular, we make it happen! In the following 2 months, we made the dreams of M6 Mobile fans come true, bringing to life the contributions that got the most likes. We wrote, produced, and broadcast 1 episode per week, keeping the campaign totally real-time and intimately connected to our fans.

A giant graffiti painted on a wall, a cool skateboard video on the snow, a comedy, a sports program, a zombie movie and we even sent someone to the moon. Sometimes it was for real, and sometimes it was fiction but each time, the fan was the hero of the content. From a traditional campaign message, we came up with a real-time production of cool contents, intimately linked to the real everyday concerns of our fans.

Advertising Agency: Blast Radius Paris, France
Creative Director: Benjamin Bregeault
Art Director / Copywriter: Charles-Antoine De Sousa
Producer: Sleepless production
Published: January 2013


DesignDine's picture
1323 pencils

Not bad. But I found it less interesting.

MalGachyver's picture
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way more interesting than banners for sure

MalGachyver's picture
41 pencils

way more interesting than banners for sure

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well well well...

This case-study sounds a little bit overpromising regarding the videos they actually made (obviously featuring only actors and not even one real teenager...)

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