Louisville Slugger: The priceless bat

See the work at http://thepricelessbat.com

By using a smartphone as a bat and a computer as a slow-pitch diamond, batters take swings at virtual pitches to see how far they can hit. The farther the batter hits the virtual ball, the less they’ll end up paying for the new Z-3000 bat.

Advertising Agency: Taxi, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Darren Clarke
Creative Director: Niall Kelly
Art Director: Scott Johnson
Copywriter: Chris Duffet
Developer: Brendan Neufeld
Web Designer: Yuko Brown
Account Manager: Amy Greenspoon
Producer: Sonja Vreugdenburg

April 2014


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40708 pencils

not a bad idea.

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3029 pencils

Quite fun.

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