Striptease shopping

February 2011

The Brief: To increase Liaison Dangereuse sales on Valentine’s day.

The Results: By creating a new way to sell online lingerie, we got free media coverage from the main websites, newspapers and magazines in Germany spreading the campaign. Our client gained additional traffic of 155% on the website pushing the sales by 50% during the promotion.

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Agus Russo's picture
Agus Russo
Activity Score 10

if the statistics were real i think that now there are a lot of lonely men with sexy lingerie jaja

livvy's picture
Activity Score 84

UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH......... I don't know man.

If my boyfriend bought me lingerie from this website, we better be watching the strip tease together. otherwise... not cool... not cool.

Keeping the right side of your head warm.

CJR785's picture
Activity Score 50

He probably does a lot of things alone on his computer with out you.

livvy's picture
Activity Score 84

I'm sure he does lol oh well, c'est la vie!

Keeping the right side of your head warm.

chapelier's picture
Activity Score 154

agreed, livvy.

but, seriously, will someone actually buy the lingerie just to watch the striptease? surely there are cheaper (or free) videos somewhere else. good idea, but not sure how effective it actually is.

(i just watched this ad in the library. risque...)

keeping the right side of your head warm.

TommyO's picture
Activity Score 1866

I can see how men would follow the banner to the website, but once she demends money for the striptease I'd turn around and get the hell out of there before my wife finds out.
So yeah, interesting idea, and media coverage and all, but I don't understand how people actually purchased lingerie like that.

Agus Russo's picture
Agus Russo
Activity Score 10

if the statistics were real i think that now there are a lot of lonely men with sexy lingerie jaja

luispiter's picture
Activity Score 2756

i love this... jajja its beautiful

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Activity Score 292

That is totally awesome

Lazarus's picture
Activity Score 1536

Great. Well done.

suhaas's picture
Activity Score 18

So So, it is said that Sex always sells, but not in this case.

atb2005's picture
Activity Score 13557

There's plenty of sites that would show that for free. And the striptease was very meh... The German accent though was sexy :)

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 45846

I say this is a great idea to sell items on the e-commerce site.

I will agree that too much free sex sites do exist though.

Yarp's picture
Activity Score 385

I guess this is legal...? Hey maybe it'll work for beervertising too! Hold on let me call up Budweiser...
3 stars for the idea. 1 star for the free boob show.

livvy's picture
Activity Score 84

god you guys are pervs

Keeping the right side of your head warm.

Draper's picture
Activity Score 183

Gold fake. Boring. 2 Stars for the sexy voiceover though.
4 Stars for the hot ladies.

z-zone's picture
Activity Score 11

it's a gr8 idea u get a product with a double service delivery and show

Glut's picture
Activity Score 3935

For sure there are websites that offers this and more for free but the concept is other and i´m pretty sure that selling numbers and statistics at the end of the video were real.

CuriousPencil's picture
Activity Score 4225

All kinds of dubious shenanigans here. This isn't seduction, it's straight out visual prostitution.

Here's an idea for your next campaign: tell your mailing list that unless they buy another more expensive gift, you're going to tell their women that the only reason she got a sexy Valentine's gift was so her man could get his rocks off to another woman stripping.

Blackmail, one step up from what you're doing here.

nicoleta13's picture
Activity Score 2

This is awful, making man lust over another woman with the excuse that he is buying something for his "loved on"? Can you get lower than that?? Pure pornography and prostitution used as marketing tool...