LG TVs: My wife smashed my TV

Advertising Agency: D-say interactive, Tel Aviv, Israel
Executive vice president: Avi Hanan
Creative Director: Rani Sebag
Copywriter: Alon Sahar
Social Media Manager: Elav Horwitz
Art Directors: Tomer Eli, Itziik Moyal
Supervisor: Shimrit Elgerisy
Production: Mamash Productions
Published: December 2010


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Fuck... seriously guys this is bad. This is MTV. Are the people who buy a 42" tv screen 13 yo??????

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? so they gave them all day sitting and wives ignoring husband a new better bigger tv?!?! that does not make sense.

morse's picture
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Exactly. It doesn't make sense. The big tv just exaggerates the supposed and dramatized problem. How does this do any good for the brand?

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Glut's picture
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What? looks like being prepared and besides is like morse said; They are exaggerating the problem with the new T.V

Yarp's picture
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Agreed: the reasoning here is flawed. Break their TV so you can give them a bigger better one that they will now watch even more...?

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Video contains content from UMPG Publishing, who has blocked it in my country on copyright grounds. No very compelling

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