Builders Of Infinity

June 2011
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Brief: had to develop a direct campaign for LEGO that promotes the core of the brand creativity. As this is what the target audience uses when playing in whatever way with LEGO bricks, it was important for us to involve the user to create something new and big. Our aim was that everybody who gets in contact with our digital campaign becomes part of it by using their own creativity.

Creative Execution: We made a jump ‘n’ run game, created by the user themselves, and becoming bigger and bigger, with every user who takes part in it. This promotes perfectly the core of the brand LEGO: creativity.
Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective. We created an idea for the most common banner: The leader board banner. 728px x 90px for endless fun: An interactive jump ‘n’ run game, created by the users themselves. A little LEGO figure, starting on the very left, has to reach the right side of the banner in order to finish a level. While playing in the banner, users always have the possibility to visit Here, users can create their own level – with LEGO bricks. Small bricks, big bricks, moving bricks, pink bricks, fast forward bricks… Once a user finished building a level, he can publish it. His level will be added to the game – raising the number of levels for the banner.

Results: Countless LEGO fans from all over the world create a never-ending jump ‘n’ run game. And to become #1 in the high score some of them played even more than 1 hour on this banner.

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