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Americans are weird

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someone wanted to copy jwt's smirnoff 'tea partay' and fell well short.

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hahaha are you serious? Goomsba is way better!

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think they ripped the hook from Falco's Rock Me Amadeus

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Jaap Grolleman
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So this is some music video that does promotion for a recreational area?

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they should flip the beer jar at 1:49 , but I guess it would make a difference in the end

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That blonde is hot, the ad is not a creative masterpiece but really well done and just weird enough... it could work I guess.

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this was a waste of my time.

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German culture + Rapp music = incongruous. 1 star for the hot blonde.

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No. Not another one of these. It's been done to death in the past two years.

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Jimmy Terroir
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The only thing worth commenting on here is that it appears they lifted the set for the dancing parts straight from Nick Caves Dig Lazarus Dig music video

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You are all wrong guys! The brunette at the left was hottest >.<

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I guess you have to know about Leavenworth (or have lived there) to appreciate this one...very funny!

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the girls look like cheap hookers wich may be good for this shitty spot

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so this is a park, which is looking like the "oktoberfest" in bavaria?
its kinda funny, because if they are trying this, there are to american
to be german. you would not eat a hotdog, you would eat a
"bavarian veal sausage" at the "oktoberfest" .

but i have to admit, its funny.

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I like it, makes me want to visit Levenworth

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