January 2010
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Landmines Maliciously Dismember and Kill People Without Any Warning. Just as Malicious Are the Online Banners We Developed to Generate Donations for Victims of Landmines. They Advertise Visits to Exotic Countries in the Same Way as Travel Agencies Do. The Online Banner Must Be Actively Clicked Away So That the Underlying Content May Be Read. What is Unusual: the “close Button” is Not Placed in the Corner but in the Center of the Online Banner, Directly on the Terrain of the Inviting Landscape. When the Cursor Appears Near the “close Button”, It Triggers an Explosion in the Landscape.

Landmines are malicious.
Please help the vicitims.
Donate online at: Aktionsbuendnis

Advertising Agency: Butter, Germany
Excecutive Creative Directors: Matthias Eickmeyer, Michael Preuss
Creative Directors: Elmar Gerlach, Romeo Bay
Art Directors: Felix Umbach, Thomas Hugo, Ben Frischen, Klaus Holsen
Copywriter: Max Messinger
Production: Jan Kopietz, Carsten Mainz, Christian Weingaertner
Account Director: Andreas Hahn
Media: Nadine Birkel (MEC Interaction)

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I came across this post by accident when I was looking for pop up banners, but I am pleased I did. Your ads raise an important issue. I have been to Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos and you don't have to go too far out of the way to find evidence of the land mine problems. Oh, I found some pop up banners too -