Beer Buddy!

July 2013
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Android App:

Beer Buddy! is the very first mobile app that you can’t touch - it’s counting you a time for how long you can “ survive” without your mobile phone. That helps you and your friends enjoy even more your togetherness. Our goal was to engage digital consumers and spread the message that Kozel (is authentic Czech beer that thanks to its easy-drinking taste) supports people to fully enjoy true spirit and simple small joys of camaradery while putting aside their daily duties.

Advertising Agency: Triad, Bratislava, Slovakia
Creative Director: Jaroslav Zacko
Art Director: Viktor Karvai
Copywriters: Maroš Hamorský, Vlado Kurek

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yep, you're right. Only thing that you're actually winning is the badge - and there were much more badges than just this one for an hour without a phone (on for 8 hours & more) - and the rest is up to your buddies :)