Koodo: The Mobile Mobile Charging Station

Being stuck waiting for your phone battery to charge sucks. So to show people that Koodo Mobile is always looking for ways to have their backs, we created the Mobile Mobile Charging Station – the charger that follows you (in a totally non-creepy way). And ironically, it's all free of charge.

Advertising Agency: Taxi 2, Toronto, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Jeff MacEachern
Associate Creative Director: Mike Blackmore
Art Director: Jason Kerr
Copywriter: Marko Pandza
Directors: Max Sherman, Family Style
Editors: Robin Haman, Saints Editorial
Post Production: Alter Ego
Sound / Music: Grayson Matthews
Digital Strategist: Brandon Smith
Account Team: Jessica Lax, Krista Cressman, Rhianna Padamsey

August 2014

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I like the concept.

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