Konstellation: King of the Bull

Take our Bull Ride to the Future. Danish digital agency Konstellation believes that the future of brand activation lies in shortening the distance between the real world and the digital platforms. Even things that you would never think of being digital can become digital and thus sharable. They rented a mechanical bull for one of their parties and invented a way to allow the riders to share their experience on social media in real time.

Advertising Agency: Konstellation, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Directors: Thomas Pries, Nikolaj Fremming
Copywriter: Nikolaj Fremming
Motion Graphics: Kasper Nyman, Theis Grimstad
Programming: Mads Sülou Jørgensen, Morten Barklund
Music: Beck

December 2011


Winter's picture
77 pencils

overall fun, great moments captured. voiceover added nice touch, could be irritating, but that's just me. :)

simonds08's picture
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no, it is not just you

gadgets's picture
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Nice but one question: why all marketers love social media but try to go off line people from social media?

andylefty's picture
4535 pencils

It had the fun factor although a bit disorientating.

I had to check the credits to understand what it was for.

For a video of this length you'd expect a small detail like that to be included.

kleenex's picture
39639 pencils

Well it worked for me.

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Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
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what glut wrote

Wordfruit's picture
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Plenty of stats given in the video, but were the stats of relevant people -- potential or current customers?

thenikcreative's picture
17 pencils

Yes, all stats are actual :-)

jackblack's picture
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This isn't bad guys. This would have taken a lot of effort and resources to pull this off. And no, I'm not Danish and I don't work there.

thenikcreative's picture
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Thanks a lot man!

Temple's picture
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You speak about 2.000 people like they were 2.000.000 or something. Noone in real advertising would ever take this seriously. However, I can almost see Miami ad school drooling...

thenikcreative's picture
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Hi Temple, thanks for the comment. Please bear in mind that this was an event that we staged at one of our own parties so therefore the numbers are relatively small - yet impressive. Well, at least we think so :-)

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