Kleenex: Rodeo

Advertising Agency: Laughlin Constable
Art Director: Chad Nauta
Copywriter / Creative Director: Dave Hanneken
Producer: Allison Lockwood
VFX / Animation: Rhino
Director: Harry Dorrington
Designer / Animator(s): Sean Curran, Goran Ognjanovic
Lighting / FX / Composite: Rob Pearson
Lighting / Composite: Veronica Skogberg
Edit / Composite: Marc Steinberg, Micky Gorenstein
Models and Tracking: Brian Dinoto, Bogdan Mihajlovic
Simulation: Ivan Guerrero
CG Supervisor: Yuval Levy
Producer: Karen Bianca Bisignano
Production Manager: Lauren Montuori
COO / Sr. EP: Camille Geier
Managing Director: Rick Wagonheim
CEO: Zviah Eldar

April 2009

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Mental note: never send portfolio to Laughlin Constable.

Sorry JuanHB, but they both suck.

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