Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants: Gin & Juice

Advertising Agency: Portal A, USA
Director: Sean Becker
Director of Photography: Chris Darnell
Producer: David Johnson
Executive Producers: Zach Blume, Kai Hasson, Nate Houghteling
Editor: Sari Tracht


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I don't get the half man half goat thing. I am really struggling, can someone point it out to me please?

Why do agencies upload their rubbish ads to AoTW?
You won't see any of my rubbish work on this website or anywhere for that matter.

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I'm kind of at a loss as well, but it could be that they do everything to satisfy you (Half man Half goat is a satyr, thus the play on words "Satyr-sfied"), and also because the Satyr is a being of pleasure (does everything to please you ?).
These are the things that come to mind, but who knows...

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