Kigsday: Princess toss

Until recently it was custom in the Netherlands to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. From 1890 to 2013, the day was known as Koninginnedag or Queen's Day and celebrated on April 30th.  The prominent opportunity for “orange madness”, the day the sober Dutch let down their hair and dye themselves orange. Flea-markets, happiness, music and games on the street are traditionally part of this madness. This year marks the first Kingsday ever with the crowning of a new Dutch King: Willem-Alexander. The arrival of a new King meant the emergence of a true Kingsday in the Netherlands. The new Kingsday, April 26, 2014, requires new rituals and in the tradition of the Dutch: innovative games. And since they owe it to their name, Kingsday in Amsterdam launches: Princess Tossing. Participation is free for Amateurs and Professionals alike.

The rules are simple. Every participant can toss 3 princesses in one turn. The more princesses hit bulls-eye, the higher the score. After every toss one must wait 3 seconds. Professionals may take their coach with them, but betting is strictly prohibited.

Advertising Agency: Kingsday, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Photography: Arthur Mebius
Edit and post: The Ambassadors
Sound: The Ambassadors Sound
Camera: Ties Versteegh, Daniël Schoonenboom
Image manipulation: Magic
Wardrobe: Tjitske Storm
Styling: Pilou Verwiel
Studio: Marcel van den Berg / Studio Zuidas

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