KFC: Scan the bites

A new mobile integrated campaign from MRM/Mccann Romania. The new KFC fillet bites is a real chicken bites, that are produced on the spot and therefore every bite looks a bit different. Because every fillet bites looks different, you can find that the bites are similar to many things - a wheel, a heart, an elephant, Jesus. So now it's time play with your food and find all the shapes!

Step 1: buy fillet bites and download the mobile app
Step 2: put your fillet bite in the designated place on the tray liner
Step 3: SCAN THE BITES using the mobile app. The app scans and finds (using a img recognition technology) if your bite looks like one of our 50 shapes of bites (such as airplane, ball, camel etc...)
Step 4: start collecting the shapes.
Found 10? You win a prize! Found 20? You win bigger prize!

Advertising agency: MRM Worldwide, Bucharest, Romania
Chief Creative Officer: Nir Refuah
Copywriters: Tal Schweiger, Maria Nazdarvan
Art directors: Colo Nel, Laurentiu Stere

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interesting game concept.

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