Kaspersky Lab: Virus Hunt

URL: http://www.virushunt.eu

Kaspersky Virus Hunt - Become a Master Virus Hunter.

For consumers anti-virus software is a low-involvement, but also a need-to-have product. The challenge for Kaspersky Lab, a company that provides IT security: How to create consumer awareness for the need of anti-virus software?

The solution: Goesting.com, an online creative agency, developed a social media campaign called Kaspersky Virus Hunt. In a series of three mini-games consumers are alerted on the dangers of computer viruses in a humorous way. Each virus has its own persona based on the characteristics of real malware. With this campaign Kaspersky Lab aims to enhance their brand awareness in a playful way, combined with a serious message.

The campaign: More than 20 years ago, Eugene Kaspersky faced a virus for the first time. Since then he has dedicated his life to exposing, analyzing and neutralizing computer viruses. Will you be a virus hunter as big as Eugene Kaspersky? In the game data from your Facebook account, and those of your friends, are threatened by three different viruses: Vincent the Virus, Tony the Trojan and Willy the Worm. Defeat these villains and become a Master Virus Hunter yourselves.

Advertising Agency: Goesting.com, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Joris Voeten, Justin Valentin
Art Directors: Joris Voeten, Justin Valentin
Programmers: Nils Addink, Vincent Bovelander
Published: August 2011

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Too many steps, too much time loading...
Sorry but human people only lives 70-80 years...

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Loved the games! I guess I don't really know my Facebook friends that well ;) No problem with loading times here, I guess a slow internet connection?

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