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Advertising Agency: JWT, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Directors: Esin Cittone, Dom Nash
Art Director: Esin Cittone
Copywriter: Dom Nash
Director: Delano Sookha
Published: September 2012


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377 pencils

liked it :)

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Wonderfull acting

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Ja Baas
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Or was it... Only in Amsterdam :D (or Nimbin, Lissabon and Kopenhagen)

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"Describe how you feel in a single word".

I can't, because "Fuck off, you self-obsessed pricks" is 6 words. Well, 5 and a half.


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too many elements in it which made me confused dot com

I was born and brought up in Iran, a beautiful country full of history.

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Couldn't stop licking, guess it's something about the colors.
But scrolling through the people was felt a bit chaotic (because JWT has a lot of employees). If you want to find someone specific it could be annoying.

I guess I would give the site a 8.5 if that was under review.

The ad does show a -not taking yourself to seriously-personality but I'm not sure on what I should base my rating on so I'm just giving you a unofficial high five.

(^_^)/ \(JWT) - High Five

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