Junkers: Christmas card

Go to http://www.junkersnavidadcalida.com or http://www.junkersnavidadfria.comand you can send Christmas wishes at whatever temperature you desire.

Junkers are specialists in providing warmth and comfort in people´s homes, and this year, Christmas can be as cold or as hot as one wishes. ARC-Leo Burnett Iberia created this web to send Greetings to clients and employees of Junkers using a humorous tone. The navigator can choose a greeting that is freezing cold or nice and warm, simply by adjusting the thermostat.

One can choose between a cozy message in a friendly tone from a warm bathtub at 38º or a chilly message from a Swedish friend who is putting together a chair in his 11º tub.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Portugal

December 2009

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Muy buena ejecucion, muy divertida la tarjeta de navidad, muy creativa y muy diferente

Great execution, a very fun christmas card, very different and creative

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