Jung von Matt: The Trojan Font

To reach Designers with passion for typography, we created a font of our own and simply changed around the letters. So upon installation it now shows our recruitment ad instead of the usual font preview.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Goetz Ulmer
Creative Directors: Andres Blumenthal, Simon Hiebl
Art Director: Pavel Bondarenko
Copywriter: Heiner Twenhaefel
Designers: Paul Hoerner, Carina Flock
Post Production: Maedchenfilm
Published: January 2014


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Great idea, but it's more of an ad for the agency, not really an efficient way to find a typographer.

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Very clever, but one thing that confuses me is... why is the font so incredibly ugly? I mean, if what they want is to find designers with an eye for type, anyone who downloads that hideous thing should be immediately disqualified...

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I expected a lot more when reading the title.

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