Jobrapido: The Job Challenge

Daniel moved from Italy to LA 2 years ago. He is very passionate about acting, photography and videos, but he doesn't like to work very much. One day his girlfriend threaten him "You find a job or I'll dump you!". He took up the challenge and to show her that he is not such a layabout he set a new record in changing jobs: 14 different Jobs in just 24 days!

Advertising Agency: Mosaicoon, Palermo, Italy
Creative Director: Juan Serrano Ortiz
Copywriter: Nicolas Bartleby
Agency Producer: Spela Marincic
Head of Seeding: Marco Imperato
Stylist: Roberto Pagnotta & Daniela Colajanni
Photography director: Igor Scalisi
Editor and Post Production: Manuela Di Pisa

June 2011


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come one man..... Only 12 minutes for and adult movie actor?!!?!?!?!

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JobRapido - for employeRs who really don't give a shit about employeEs who don't really want a job.

Nice way to position the client as a warren of professional ADHD.

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