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Tomorrow on March 11th it is exactly one year after Japan was hit by the tsunami. Today the country is to a great extent rebuilt. But the tourism hasn't recovered. People still have a picture of a country in ruins stuck in their minds and the same goes for the web. To change that image we believe that social media can play a big part. Post from Japan is a way to use existing tourist as ambassadors to change the picture of the country and get people traveling to Japan again.

Advertising School: Berghs School of communication, Stockholm Sweden
Art Directors: Michal Sitkiewicz, Eva Wallmark, Kristofer Salsborn
Copywriter: Rickard Beskow


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Would this actually work or is it just as fake as many other student cases?

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I like the idea.

BUT being from america I don't really associate Japan with an earthquake. I associate it with beautiful culture, beautiful environments, etc. It is already beautiful to me. So in that way it doesn't work. Also what Irks me about this case is 1. The music (use Japanese music at least not the Postal Service). and 2. The girl speaking. She sounds bored.

But overall I like how this can spread. It may irritate me when time runs out and I have to quickly snap a photo of the ground to get more time. I find people abusing it. But they always do that anyways...

Also it may help your idea if you used the REAL google search when you look up Japan. (BUT this may be different since I am searching from America) I don't know if they edited those photos just to show the disaster (which is really pushing it). But when I looked it up there were very few photos of it. That kind of bugged me...and made me think you did that to sell your idea.

Just an honest opinion. But overall, great thinking on how to get people interested in Japan.

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I agree on the abuse side of things, but the idea is great though.

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Like it...

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"Showing that Japan is both safe and beautiful to visit" .... W H O A there. This is commissioned bribery, much as most of the social media corporate tie-in efforts are, even though this may have a more noble aim. The fact that there is (presumably) no filter in place before people post their own photos to their own wall, this will immediately be "Free minutes from Japan", photos as MK-tessa says of the ground, or toilets or however the crowdsource decides, and in no way can it claim to make people ambassadors, or ensure these photos show safety or beauty.

A noble but not fully thought through idea, I think is a diplomatic way of closing this one.

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Nice one!

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good effort in changing the image. quite a fresh approach. i just find that viewers will get bored after looking at thousands of pictures that are similar over again and again. ultimately - it implies that its boring.

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nice one

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