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Check out the large collection of red dot inspired posters: http://adsoftheworld.com/blog/help_japan_posters

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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This ad to me is sooooooooooooooo much better than the other one.

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With all my sympathy and all - Finally, a "Help Japan" ad without the big red circle!

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Filipello Manuela
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Ma che è?
Non si capisce niente.
E poi, se voglio aiutare il Giappone cosa devo fare?
Non c'è call to action , non c'è un sito, non c'è niente!!
Se volevate speculare su migliaia di morti per fare pubblicità alla vostra agenzia con un fake, potevate almeno fare qualcosa di comprensibile!

Vergogna vergogna vergogna vergogna vergogna vergogna!

(No call to action. As many others, they use a tragedy to promote their poor agency. Shame shame shame shame shame shame!)

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Filipello Manuela
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Filipello Manuela
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Filipello Manuela
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Advertising Agency: H-57 creative Station, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Matteo Civaschi, Gianmarco Milesi
Art Directors: Matteo Civaschi, Orazio Marino
Account Director: Sabrina Di Gregorio
Published: March 2011

Ivan please, remove this shame.
Italy is a great country and doesn't deserves

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I don't quite get the point of this ad.
What is it for? How do they propose I help Japan? Is there a number hidden somewhere? Are the dots some kind of code for a website?
Massive fail.

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Just an agency using a tragedy as an opportunity to show everyone how clever they are.

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Copywriter's st...
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Isn't it only for CSR reason?

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MarioLuigi Bros
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Volevo ricordare a tutti gli italiani che i personaggi di questa agenzia e i loro amici (hanno una claque peggio di quella di Berlusconi) sono gli stessi che nei commenti ai loro lavori usavano il nome e i link di famosi designers internazionali per farsi i complimenti da soli.

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offensive both to japan and to human intelligence

@denise me li ricorderò questi schifosi

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- @mbi

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Sabrina Di Gregorio
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I'm really sorry that so many of you think that we are speculating on this great tragedy, so I want to stress that there was an error in the publication.

We did not do any press and outdoor campaign!

Unfortunately, there has been an explanation of this campaign, and even a link to which it is attached, which is as follows:


This is a campaign to create web links and contacts to charities to help the Japanese people.

We are asking for ads of the world to move the posters in a category more appropriate for our operation.

We just designed these two posters as they have done many creative agencies around the world not to forget this tragedy.
We know it's only a small thing, given the scale of the disaster, but I think that everyone in his small can do something.

It 'important for me to explain that we really wanted to do only good and I understand that the misunderstanding was born because there was no associated explanation.

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding that has been created and for my English!
Thank you for your attention.

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Explanation is worst than campaign.
Amoral self-promo anyway..

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Filipello Manuela
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Ma quale link?!
L'avete rubato da Yahoo News senza nessuna autorizzazione!
Siete da denuncia solo per questo.



(The link is stolen without any authorization! )

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negative. Don't show "help". Don't show "How" or "where". Shows the same as the news but softened.
Many similar ideas. Not even serves to promote the agency.
Ads of world: Should not publish ads like these.

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