Intouch: Car vs Piano

To prove how unpredictable car accidents are, Intouch insurance created a live 24/7 web broadcast. A 359 KG grand piano was suspended from nine ropes above a car in a Moscow garage during seven days. Twice a day people could vote on a live broadcast 24/7 on for an unpredictable real event resulting in one rope being cut. For example: if the temperature in Moscow rose to +21C one rope could be cut. If FC Barcelona advanced to the Champions League Final that same week, another rope would be cut. A live Twitter feed was projected on the wall and a timer clock kept the audience intrigued, waiting for the next rope to be cut-or not. On the 6th day the piano fell down on the car and proving that even if we couldn

October 2012


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Great idea. Very different approach.

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Roger Keynes
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Sweet idea. Love the wit in the unpredictable events too.
Can we add Pussy Riot being released?! ;)

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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I have an accident today an my insurance was the best (GNP) Cool idea, undersantable and holistic

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That was a great idea.

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