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Really nice idea, but... will this ad solve anyone's problem? Seems like creatives are using serious issues only to prove how brainy they are.

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Nope Nope nope. I agree with the previous commenter. The whole thing felt so contrived and unnatural, and the general conduct of the protagonist was so stereotypical of what a "woman" would do (wander around, drink coffee, not know who margaret atwood was) that you can really see that the creatives involved are male.

I don't think this solves anyone's problem. It doesn't reframe the way we think about this problem. It only shows the act of violence, and doesn't actually touch on the real cost of domestic violence (mental anguish, long term erosion of self esteem and self worth).

It wasn't real or genuine - but that's what we need in regards to this issue - a real and genuine dialogue exploring not just the effects, but also the antecedents of this problem.

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OMG! what are they trying achieve here? I don't get the point..

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Nice attempt but I have to agree with the previous comments

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Agree with previous comments, what's the point of this? "Alright" concept with a stupid execution.

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Agree with the previous comments... This was looking good until the final seconds.

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Agree too; contrived. Nice topic, interesting choice of brand to stand up for it, but a missed opportunity.

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Really contrived. And how do you greet your friend at the cafe with a straight face when she has that ghastly Glass on?

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