Ilta-Sanomat: News visualization

An online tool at Finnish news website, Ilta-Sanomat, visualizes the news so you can see how much play various stories are getting across the social media spectrum.Each article's social media share — the total reads, recommendations, tweets and comments — is calculated and visualized as a circle. Circles are grouped and colored by their category, forming a realtime graphic that feeds off readers' interactions with the news. Data is saved every hour, so readers can follow how the news grows and changes throughout the day.

Here is a video of the site in action:

Advertising Agency: Hasan & Partners, Finland
Creative Director: Anssi Jarvinen
Creatives: Mikael Nemeschansky, Lasse Paasto
Producer: Liisa Frick
Web Design / Production: B-Reel

February, 2011


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I asked Ivan to attach the link, but here´s the link. Have fun!

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very clever to apply this method often used in statistics in social medias, speaks for itself

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