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Visitors of the website will be welcomed by a chef whose specialty is the news taken from online newspapers.
They simply have to bring the piece of news they want to be cooked, copying and pasting its link into the homepage, choose the recipe and enjoy the result: a new article with a totally different and ironic meaning. Through a simple technical gimmick that replaces specific words with others, the trattoria makes you think about how easily news can be manipulated and it challenges the Italian reader’s critical sense emphasizing the importance of not being influenced by superficiality or one-sided stories.

Advertising Agency: Now Available, Italy
Creative Directors: Sergio Spaccavento, Stefano Morelli
Art Director: Giovanni Meroni
Copywriter: Cristina D'anna
Production Director: Seby Fortugno
Web Developer: Simone Lippolis
Published: October 2009

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fabulos ideation!!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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very cool! Italian style!! George

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yes italian! Why is not in english too?
good ideas must be international.

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Sherif Hany
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Love this one....excellent way of offering the Ad message..

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funny and clever!

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Really smart idea with a deep insight!

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