IKEA: No empty chairs

URL: http://noemptychairs.ch/en

The idea behind "No Empty Chairs At Christmas": At IKEA, we believe that noone should be lonely over Christmas if they don't want to be.So, whether your family is abroad, you are a single mum or dad, grandma or grandad or you are simply single, somewhere there is a place for you and people who would love to celebrate with you. We have created this platform so that you can find one another. On your own and looking for a place to celebrate? Or perhaps you have seats you can offer on your celebration day?Then take part in "No Empty Chairs at Christmas" and become part of a unique Christmas celebration that you will certainly remember for years to come.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Zurich, Switzerland
Executive Creative Director: Philipp Skrabal
Creative Director: Rob Hartmann
Copywriters: Wolfgang Bark, Marietta Muegge
Art Directors: Angela Erni, Paul Labun, Tanja Jablanovic, Barbara Hartmann
Screendesign: Lilian Metzker, Isabelle Buehler

December 2013


pixelman's picture
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Very nice idea. People out there will love it. Great.

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Carlos Okida
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Congrats for this idea. Happy X'mas and an excellent new year for all.

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