IKEA: Come into the closet

URL: http://demo.fb.se/e/ikea/comeintothecloset2/site/default.html

F&B invites you to play around inside IKEA's music-driven closet. Though it's currently all in Swedish, Forsman & Bodenfor's innovative site for its continuing campaign for native furnishing operation IKEA is still visually pleasing and audio-friendly enough for anyone in the world to enjoy. A sequel of sorts to its original "Come into the Closet" campaign from two years ago, F&B's latest site for the IKEA brand is essentially controlled by sound and music via mouse and keyboard. Hit the Enter or Spacebar key and enjoy the twittering motions of the rooms' guests with the drum machine link and bust out your own tune or upload MP3s from your files to create the soundtrack of home life. There are five different rooms to fiddle around in, and if you have a microphone connected, you can also shout or make any kind of sound and the characters on the website will move around to those sounds accordingly.

Advertising Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Sweden
Web Director: Mathias Appelblad
Copywriter: Fredrik Jansson
Art Director: Anders Eklind
Designers: Anton Robsarve, Christoffer Persson
Agency Producer: Peter Gaudiano, Charlotte Most, Asa Jansson
Production Company: Chamdin/Stohr, Kokokaka
Director: Amir Chamdin
Director of Photography: Gosta Reiland
Music: Dead Mono


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cool one ...

sirvan's picture
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Kooky, but ultimately distracting from the products.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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It's fun only in the beginning, the first 2 minutes. Then it becomes boring and repetitive as well as distracting (like Sirvan said).

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Tio Patinhas
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Did you try to play yourself, it's very fun too.

I think it was very well done and very trendy. I like it a lot.

Ad or die.

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Not bad. Something interesting.

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Eva Råberg
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Could be good to know that this site is a couple of years old.

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this is a great site, couldn't believe its from 2008!
+ the "come into the closet" song is awesome.

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