IKEA: Change you view in the kitchen

Idea description: The task was to demonstrate IKEA kitchens, inspire people with features and smart solutions for everyday living.

Solution: We created an interactive story online where visitors could travel through the kitchens by transmigrating from one character to another and see functional features from different perspectives: with the eyes of a grandma, a three-year-old, a cat and even a fly.

In the first five months
22,168 visitors took a dive in aquarium by transmigrating into a fish;
87,204 slept on the kitchen floor by transmigrating into a dog;
28,321 flew in the kitchen as a fly;
65,480 performed a kitchen dance;
mixed 70,711 cocktails
and discovered 853,614 IKEA kitchen features.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Russia
Internet agency: B-Reel
Creative directors: Roman Firainer, Yaroslav Orlov
Digital Creative Director: Kolya Fabrika
Copywriter: Yaroslav Orlov
Art director: Roman Firainer
Designer: Maksim Demkin
Multimedia-designers / programmers: Actionfilm

June 2012


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a simple yet smart idea to achieve the objective of the brief. Not sure if it's the same story everyday or that would have been dull.

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Bamboo Marketin...
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It's great! I like it.

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