Honda: The Experiment


Production Company- B-Reel

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, London, UK
Creatives: Lisa Jelliffe, Kirsten Rutherford
Producer: Dominic Tunon
Creative Directors: Chris Groom, Sam Heath
Interactive Creative Directors: Gavin Gordon-Rogers, Andy Cameron
Designer: Chris Welsby
Creative Technologist: Mike Tucker
Executive Creative Directors: Tony Davidson, Kim Papworth
Music: Human
Art Director: Bertrand Carrara
Lead Developer: Mattias Ekendahl
Creative Director: Riccardo Giraldi
Producer: Sarah Barclay

November 2011


andylefty's picture
4535 pencils

Argh my browser isn't supported.

Looks like a charming site from the demo.

sweejin's picture
7254 pencils

Done already:

DBB's picture
1216 pencils

One of the craziest executions i have ever seen!
Well done!!!

chunkylover69's picture
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wtf is this? if it doesn't work on the latest browsers, then it's stupid. i'm on chrome and nothing happens.


chunkylover69's picture
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furthermore, i'm not going to open up a different browser to see if this works. you lost me. you had me intrigued, honda, but you left me angry and frustrated. Now imagine I was one of those 4 consumers that actually checked this site out? amazing.

It's more like a Honda Hypothesis than an Experiment.

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