Honda Fit 2015: Invisible car

Advertising Agency: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Brazil
Executive creative directors: Fabio Fernandes, Eduardo Lima
Creative director: Theo Rocha
Head of art: João Linneu
Copywriter: João Paulo Testa
Art director: Ricardo Pocci
Account team: Marcello Penna, Marco Piza, Florencia Lear, Valéria Coutinho
Planners: José Porto, Douglas Nogueira, Caio Felipe
Media team: Fábio Freitas, André Gramorelli, Luana Gallizzi, Vanessa Higueras, Henrique Fogaça
INntegrated production: Juliana Hasegawa
Project director: Aline Veríssimo
Project Manager: Thais Villela
Technology: Vetor Zero / On Interactive
Art Buyers: Edna Bombini, Juliana Gardim
Illustrators: Vetor Zero, Estúdio Romeu e Julieta
Agency Producers: Jomar Farias, Leandro Ferreira, Robson de Vitto


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Neat app.

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Wouldn't it be easier to simply put the damn car there? It's cool and all, but why the hassle of creating this app?

An axe murderer of ads.

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Hammad S
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Once a car is taken out of the lot, it's value decreases incredibly. If it's being test driven around, it won't be in good shape and worth even less. This app prevents any loss. And this is Brazil we're talking about- if you understand their economy and norms it'll make more sense.

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Aha, thanks for clearing that up!

An axe murderer of ads.

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Hammad S
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I didn't think it would get the reception that it did. Brazilians are "road people." They want to feel the car. A virtual representation isn't feeling anything. I like the idea in general though.

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I like the app.

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