Hi: Ronnie Flex app demo

The unique aspect of this next generation music video is that all technical features of the smartphone are used. For instance, during the story you can choose between two different girls by swiping, pinching a hamburger smaller or bigger, blow away smoke through the microphone, look around 360 degrees, scratch a record and collect Easter eggs – that will give you access to exclusive content and prizes at the end of the video.


Advertising Agency: FHV BBDO, Netherlands
Concept: Rogier de Bruin, Emilio de Haan, Joeri van Oostwaard
Copywriter: Rogier de Bruin
Art directors: Hakan Coskunsoy, Emilio de Haan
Strategy: Derk van Beek
Account: Elwira Stuur, Niels Heimens
RTV Producer: Peter Burger
Online producer: Hans Dekker
Animation: Rens Wegerif
Production: Habbekrats
Director: Jeroen Houben
Producers: Julius Ponten, Philip Harthoorn
Offline editor: Wouter van Luijn
Grading: Joppo
Digital designer: Marc Vermeeren
Music: Ronnie Flex

April 2014

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