If your friend needed blood, would you donate?

March 2012
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The Hematology Institute of Bahia needed to raise the number of blood donors. Since most Brazilians donate blood to close people and relatives we created a web banner integrated with a Facebook app. When connected to the social network the app randomly searched for one user’s friend. The banner’s message was customized with the following question: “If (friend’s name) needed blood now would you donate?”. The campaign concept concluded: “To donate you don’t need to know. Look for a blood bank in your city and donate.”

Advertising Agency: Propeg, Brazil
Creative Directors: Fabiano Ribeiro, Ariston Quadros
Art Director: Bruno Lage
Copywriter: Junior Lisboa
Additional credits: Lilia Lopes, Vitor Barros, Mateus Simões, Eder Galindo, Maria Luiza Fraga, Caio Leão

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I guess it worked, but how many of more people actually donated blood???


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