Heinz: Bottle sounds

Heinz opens the barbecue season. For this purpose a viral spot with the message "It´s barbecue time. Call your friends." has been developed. This spot leads to the website "www.room57.de" where the users can mix and send their own video invitations.

Advertising Agency: Raum Zwo, Berlin, Germany
Creative Directors: Dino Franke
Art Director: Dino Franke
Copywriter: Manuel Mitic
Post Production: Pirates`n`Paradise
Production: Kiosque Film

May 2009


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yeah, just 3 years after Lasse Gjertsen..

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Just because something is shot on a digital video camera does not make it viral. Viral comes from the rewarding feeling you get from watching it and sending it on to others. Nothing about this seems new, fresh or fun to watch. There are tons of (better) "beats from other noises" videos on youtube and, to add to it, several similar entries in the Heinz "Top This" contest when Heinz asked consumers to make commercials.

I wish people would stop calling things viral before they are.

"There is no entitlement to the consumer's attention. It is earned."
-Luke Sullivan


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Do agree this has been overdone with video/audio mixing. The idea is old and not entertaing. It's offensive I think, that they throw the image of the bottle in your face, like you are so dumb and can't see that it is freakin heinz.



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I believe Lasse Gjertsen copyrighted this form of video editing. Maybe not, never the less this it's a blatant rip off. Lasse's video went viral, this certainly won't.


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Freakart, you have so much critics. I want to teel you that any idea is old.

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if it`s so - then we can close down the advertising business

one should not take life so seriously - as one will not come out of it alive.

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like it. good one.


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heinz is in the music business:-)

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Emran Hayat
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not bad at all the way u guys criticizing

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pretty dull ending. yeah! kinda' sucks!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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This style of sound mixing has been used so much better in this example. http://adsoftheworld.com/media/tv/steam_whistle_pilsner_locomotive

Great relevance to the product and the brand. In case of Heinz, it makes no sense at all. Just been done for the sake of it. Pretty bleh in my opinion...

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This kind of thinking makes me puke.. It is totally ruining this business, makes us into comedians who are looking some interesting form of shooting and putting the product inside without any reason , like a ice cream into oven...
Just stop it , for the sake of all.

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