Heineken: Passport, 1

Heineken opens your world. So we went all out to prove it, sending one man to Inner Mongolia with the challenge of making his way back home to Bangkok with no money, no map, just Heineken. He had to exchange Heineken for a lift, exchange Heineken for directions and even exchange Heineken with a Inner Mongolian wrestler, all in the name of adventure, and beer.

Advertising Agency: iris, Singapore
Creative Directors: Subha Naidu, David Brown
Art Directors: Malcolm Wee, Melvin Lim, Regina Chan
Copywriter: Khairul Mondzi
Director: Firecracker Films
Sound: SongZu Singapore

August 2012


chiflete comunic's picture
chiflete comunic
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heineken green same as green money! cool so cool.

Temple's picture
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What I saw may not make me want to drink beer but it did make me want to go and visit Mongolia.

t1sh0cfc's picture
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I was just wondering how the beer was transported :) Isn't it too heavy?

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