Head: Speed lessons by Novac Djokovic The service

In April sports equipment manufacturer HEAD releases it's most powerful tennis racquet ever: the "Speed". An online campaign has been launched prior to the racquet's release in order to generate awareness amongst tennis players: On http://www.speedlessons.com HEAD's new tennis star, Novac Djokovic, currently ranked 3rd in the world, educates the viewer about the effects of the Speed racquet in animated short films, the so-called "Speed Lessons".

Daniel Eberle)

March 2009


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Although it's been done before, I love the animation on these... such a good personality. Overall, they're a bit long though. Even for webvids.


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superb animation !!

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Audrius Kubrik
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I suspect this is way way off the target audience. Head in my eyes is (was?) an un-fancy reliable brand that makes no-nonsense racquets...why the 'south-park'?

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Great animation, great humour. This is totally different and great stuff!

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