Head: Speed lessons by Novac Djokovic: The mash

In April sports equipment manufacturer HEAD releases it's most powerful tennis racquet ever: the "Speed". An online campaign has been launched prior to the racquet's release in order to generate awareness amongst tennis players: On http://www.speedlessons.com HEAD's new tennis star, Novac Djokovic, currently ranked 3rd in the world, educates the viewer about the effects of the Speed racquet in animated short films, the so-called "Speed Lessons".

Advertising Agency: Aimaq & Stolle Werbeagentur, Berlin, Germany
Executive Creative Director: André Aimaq
Creative Directors: Marian Goetz
Copywriters: Marian Goetz
Art Directors: Christian Jakimowitsch, Mario Nussbaumer
Junior Art Director: Andreas Voegel
Illustration: Alexander Butera
Producer: Hanna Stueven, Ivonne Hansel
Production Company: Shapeminds And Moving Images GmbH
Music & Audiodesign: Krane & Rabe Audiodesign (Markus Krane, Axel Rabe,
Daniel Eberle)
Accountant: Daniella Rote, Marijana Kelava, Florian Hoffmann
Executive Planning Director: Alexander Jordan
Aired: March 2009


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What's up w/ the focus on ass and balls?


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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exactly... and the way he was licking that shaft thing!!!

also, this is one minute too long! i lost interest after the first

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Audrius Kubrik
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And that is why I bought Dunlop.

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Audrius Kubrik
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...and who, foremost, needs speed on a smash or a slice? (Murray is 3rd...)

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Someone that likes to play tennis and he is looking for a good racket to play with. Also, I don't care if Novak is fourth, he is more charismatic than Murray.

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Absolutely great campaign.

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partly funny. But does not make me buy a head racket, does it?

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i love them they are so amazing

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