Head: Andy Murray Viral

VFX: Alexis Haggar @ The Look

Advertising Agency: Aimaq Stolle, Germany
Executive Creative Director: André Aimaq
Creative Directors: Christian Schuck, Jan Lucas
Production: Stink Berlin
Director: Henry Mason
DOP: Luke Scott
Producer: Swantje Rummel
Line Producer UK: Rhun Francis
Editor: Ross Halland @ Trim Editing
Sound: David Arnold @ Loft Studio Berlin
Music: Anil MacWan

July 2010


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This is not viral. It's just a bad copy of Ronaldinho hitting the cross bar three times in the Nike ad.

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And Gerrard's clay pigeon shooting viral for adidas.

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74 pencils

Well, it was entertaining enough for me to watch the whole thing. Which is unusual for me. So, there's that.

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I've had it with these so-called virals showing soccerplayers, golfers, tenniscracks, basketballheroes, tabletenniswizzards etcetera with computer animated balls. It was fun when Forrest Gump did it, like 15 yrs ago...

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Does Head have the world's most phallic logo or is it just me?

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well, the logo need to match the name

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3138 pencils

Where is the beauty? Where is the originality?
I do not understand what the reason is that an agency to hire a "creative" to do the same as always.
One bit of originality, please.

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I like this... is fun, and I don't know if it's original, but is good...

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clayology com
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i do have come across a similar concept in a nike ad...nevertheless..thumbs up!!

Ads u create needs Attention!!

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