Grey: In-Game Job Recruitment

Talented front-end developers are hard to find and Uncles first efforts did not deliver the kind of talent we needed. An analysis of the "touch points" of the target audience reveled a high affinity towards online gaming - especially "first person shooters". We decided to focus our communication strategy around online gaming and moved our recruitment campaign into the digital space. In order to have the right kind of voice and be able to integrate our message in this environment we struck a sponsorship deal with the most popular Team Fortress 2 clan - they became our representative and voice of the Uncle brand.

Advertising Agency: Uncle Grey, Aarhus, Denmark
Creative Director: Jesper Hansen
Art Director: Daniel Nicolajsen
Additional credits: Karsten Kirkegaard, Christian Rahn

March 2011


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The unemployment rate in Denmark must be really low

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Paolo Buatti
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Aahhaahhah great idea!

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