November 2009
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This is an innovative advertising effort from WPP’s green mandate to persuade its client’s employees to switch off their idle computer monitors. The fact is that 100 computer monitors left on overnight waste loads of energy (120Wh) and pump out plenty of CO2 (51.6kgs).

In order to persuade the employees to reduce their company’s carbon footprint, save energy and boost green credentials, they created unique screen savers which create visual illusion: that inactive monitors around the office have been transformed into everyday objects associated with high energy use – such as a microwave or a colour copier.

Advertising Agency: Wunderman London, UK
Executive Creative Director: David Harris
Copywriter: James Nester
Art Director: Chris Lawson

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Aren't those people the same that forget to switch off their computer as well? So before you turn off a monitor, you should waste some energy on that 'power button'.

Anyway, I like the microwave... but it could have had more action like exploding beans and mushrooms, a simple disaster.

Over and out.