Greenpeace: Protect Paradise

Response from Greenpeace to P&G's Thank You Mom? spot.

Procter & Gamble is buying palm oil from companies that are destroying the forest home of orangutans, elephants and tigers. By turning P&G's widely pushed Thank You Mom campaign against them, Greenpeace is highlighting how P&G's suppliers are destroying forests and making orphans out of orangutans. The 'Protect Paradise' campaign is about creating a worldwide movement, bringing together everyone who want forest friendly products. Through creative confrontation and investigative research, Greenpeace is channelling a growing movement that don't want to be made of P&G's deforestation scandal through products they use every day.

Creative: Daniel Bird
Additional credits: Richard George, Tristan Tremschnig


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I have a feeling this will get people talking.

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Fitting username.

I can only hope you're right. I'm not particularly confident, but this is a powerful message that needs to be heard.

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Wow!!! this is great

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