Reggie Watts - Solar

August 2014
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Advertising Agency: VIA, Portland, USA

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I really admire Greenpeace’s campaign to commence an energy revolution. It is refreshing to see an organization take a seemingly lighthearted approach to the energy crisis our globe is facing. In order to target all online user’s public service ads should perhaps start thinking a little more outside the informational arena and venturing out into creativity for the cause like this one does. I wonder if the Greenpeace brand regularly does ads where comedy with a dash of profanity is a main component in the delivery of the message? I am not sure how that brand image translates to other donors in a different age group. I am curious if “Click Clean” has other forms of marketing communication that it is integrating for support. Albeit, the ad is effective in getting an audience to visit the surprisingly reputable website. I like the edgy Reggie Watts and how he immediately delivers shock value to the viewers at the hilarious opening of the ad. The song, the sun lotion, and the dance moves were all on point and worked for the experience the ad created. I would have liked to see a completely different setting complimenting the spokesperson. Overall the originality was triumphant, although the initiative for solar powered energy could have been met with a little more effort.

Cindy M