Greenpeace: Greenpeace Mode

People care about what’s happening in the world. But we rarely show it and it’s hard to know which organization that works for the issues you care about.

Greenpeace Mode helps people to spread their personal message at the same time as you get to focus during meetings or school. All while spreading the issues Greenpeace works for.

Advertising Agency: Berghs School Of Communication, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Directors: Andreas Ekelund, Max Alm
Copywriter: Viktor Jacobsson

April 2012


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smart idea

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Jaap Grolleman
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It's a lovely idea as an idea - in reality I think it's difficult to see this work, since there's no incentive really (not enough), but as an inspirational idea, it's great. Kudos guys.

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Great idea for a shitty client. I'm just glad it not also for Peta.

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