Grain Foods Foundation: Bread Art Project

Check out the site:

Advertising Agency: Mullen, Wenham, MA, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Edward Boches
Executive Creative Director: Mark Wenneker
Group Creative Directors: Jim Amadeo; Ted Jendrysik; Matt Fischvogt
Sr. Art Director: Bo Deng
Copywriter: Kerry Shea
Digital Artist: David Onessimo
Director of Production: Liza Near
Director of Digital Production: Christian Madden
Producer: Christopher Grey
Information Architect: Tim Parcell
Art Buying: Tracy Maidment
Account Service: Kristin Patterson, Kelly Burke
Digital Production Company: Honest (NY,NY)
Creative Directors: Cary Murnion, Jon Milott
Designer: Kathrin Laser
Producer: Bryan Christian
Technology Director: Jose Ayala
Lead Developer: Carrie Kengle
Developers: Yue Feng, Kristina Weisman, Monjay Settro


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Vote for the AotW bread and then create your own and post the link!

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how shameless.

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It's a bit of requited love.

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you're right Ivan, you deserve it.

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i don´t know how this page work... i like it, but i can not make it funcional for me

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very attractive site

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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DDB Vancouver did this for real over a year ago. They toasted on messages about how "this is a meal for the homeless" on the toast and handed the toast out to ppl on the streets.

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Blair Semenoff
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Right on I like the site...wish I had some art skills! lol Great campaign!

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cool site, like it!! fun!

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no love given to this site at all. design is dated as hell. and the UI is just bad. am i toasting something or am i painting on bread? wtf. and the 3d is totally sub par and not needed. fun idea poor execution.

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