Google Translate: Music Translate

A student idea to promote Google Translate.

Advertising School: Forsbergs School of Design and Advertising, Sweden
Art Directors: Isaac Bonnier, Jacob Björdal, David Rinman
Copywriter: Jim Nilsson


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She sings like a Grammy winning artist...

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Good idea. Swedes be proud of your voice. Not a fan of the one used.

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Nike Diesel
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cus this was getting a bit annoying

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Avinash kumar
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nice work ..

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Good ad, useless service.

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Clever, and I couldn't help but feel "Paul Rand Nostalgic" about it, in regard to the simplicity of the design. Maybe it was the primary colors incorporated from the Google logo, or the pleasing simple animation of those colors. I very much like Paul Rand's style and admire those who emulate his style by using the bare essentials to communicate a message. I do feel though, it was a little lengthy as I lost interest before the last 15 seconds or so. Overall, I enjoyed it and send kudos to the creator. As for Google Translate, nice to know it's there, and I am sure it has its purpose, but it's a service I would seldom use, if ever.

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