Goldbach Media: PocketCD App

Creatives always have the same problem: is an idea really good, or should it land in the trash can? Stop relying on your gut feeling, speak your idea into the Pocket CD, and get an instant idea evaluation. You record your idea into your iPhone and then hold the phone over your head. After a few seconds of "processing" you either get a bright lit light bulb (a good idea) or an unlit lightbulb (a bad idea). More of a fun app then a serious one.

URL to download the app:
Advertising Agency: Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett, Zurich, Switzerland
Executive Creative Director: Martin Spillmann
Creative Directors: Dan Strasser, Patrick Suter
Art Director: Oli Kreienbuehl
Copywriter: Reto Vogler
Photographer: Oliver Nanzig
Accounts: Rebecca Krausse, Nora Urscheler
Programming: Goldbach Mobile

February, 2011


Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
6992 pencils

The description says: "More of a fun app then a serious one."

I can see why it's not a serious one but I can't really see what's fun about this.

Ron Burgundy's picture
Ron Burgundy
1634 pencils

where do these ideas go after you hit the enter button?


Martijn's picture
1888 pencils

They probably didn't test this idea...

slimmy's picture
51 pencils

Replaced my CD with this. Does a better job.

thedesignaddict's picture
5403 pencils

Utter waste of time. Get back to work.

CuriousPencil's picture
4225 pencils

+ 1.

You sound like an angry pair of bearded glasses, nice one.

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