GLAAD: Balls of Pride

Straight men avoid publicly stating that they’re pro-gay for various reasons. Our idea is to have their girlfriends do it for them. That makes them pro-gay and unquestionably straight at the same time.

This ad was created by an art student for a hypothetical project. The ad and project are not associated or endorsed by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

Advertising School: Miami Ad School New York, USA
Art Directors: Matilda Kahl, Emil Tiismann
Copywriter: Jacob Sempler


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This is gay. A real man is not shy to admit he's ok with gays. Those picts of guys with their girlfriends are ridiculous. Also, the campaign isn't particularly fun or something I would share. I think this is a fail, but the logo which is cool. What do you straight guys think?

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So they spent 2 weeks on the video and 10 minutes on the idea... cool.

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At Miami they teach you how to present your work. And that's a home work well done.

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Initially I didn't quite get it.. Then I thought it was sort of entertaining. Now, I am with Arthor. This won't do anything to advance gay rights. In fact, the logo itself is a bit of a joke (rubber balls or testicles?).

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Ron Burgundy
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good for Miami Ad School for bringing attention to the gay rights , regardless of whether you think this idea has balls...pun intended..., but on the other side I agree with atb2005, kinda makes the cause a joke...IDK we'll see, love to see a vid of the event

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“Balls of Pride”, that pretty good. Just like George Michael.

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i thought it was cool, it's a good campaign imo. great way to target straight men to be more outgoing about being pro-gay

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horribly patronizing and this smug writing made me hate stuff instantly. and if you need 1minute to explain WHY you used girlfriends to make this idea work, then you have a problem. plus i got bored after 1min. way to make a 3min case film with barely any content...

Quite really.

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Nicholas Proctor
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What if your single? Then this idea doesn't work!
I agree with atb2005 - the logo defiantly looks like a pair of large testicles.


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Well, actually, you're right. They are testicles. All the male creatures in my office see them that way.

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I dont think its bad at all, theres defeniteley an idea here. If it may or not work to the target, the initiative is quite good.


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The idea of putting straight men suporting the gay community its really good. Nice work and thinking for school work

El que sabe, sabe arte. El que no, es redactor.

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the insight is great!

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i thing idea is good

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Wow. Surprisingly negative feedback for such a positive campaign. It was obviously tongue in cheek and was poking fun at overly 'hetero' males as opposed to the gay community.

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