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Chief Creative Officer: Edward Boches
Executive Creative Director: Mark Wenneker
Group Creative Director/CW: Jim Hagar
Associate Creative Director/CW: Marc Gottesman
Associate Creative Director/AD: Mark Chamberlain

Wow this better be good with so many CDs. Ironically im not interested enough to check it out.

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After a couple of minutes I fell asleep...

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Whopper Freakout (another hidden cam gimmick) worked because there wasn't a bunch of crap piled on top it, like a surveillance van, a bad actor or 10 minutes of loading time. I went to the site and saw the video of them f*cking with customers. Done. No bullshit. I laughed. It was over. Simplicity is key.

Another thing. You talk about GM's used car program, yet you "ambush" regular people selling their car out of their driveway. No shit they're not going to give you a 3000 mile warranty or fender bender accident coverage or whatever the hell you're asking for. You need to "ambush" your actual competitors, like other used car dealers. Isn't that just common sense?

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