GAIA: Catroulette


Advertising Agency: Famous, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Directors: Tim Driesen, Iwein Vandevyver, Jean-Marc Wachsmann
Creatives: Nathalie Wlostowski, Frederik Clarysse
Creative interns: Toon Vanpoucke, Morgane Choppinet
Account Director: An Van Den Cruyce
Account Manager: Marlies Neudt
Project Managers: Miet Lust, Bart Seghers
P.R.: Liesbeth Pyck, Anne-cecile Collignon
Interactive Developers: Thomas Matheussen, Valentijn Steenhoudt
Production: Lander Engels, Laurens Groven
Design: Nathalie Wlostowski

September 2012


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I love cats...this link is cuteee...

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Nice idea but the effing logo takes up 10% of the viewing space.

Why would you put it over the video!?

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Black Hour
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Well, I guess they wanted to be close to what Chatroulette have but didn't get a big budget.
With this design it's harder to tell that they used Youtube as a support.

Maybe it's to give an impression of "no cheap", that's how I see it.

But that don't really matter, it's full of cuteness

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Must be the inspiration for this little number

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